Parent Cue

Bringing Important God Filled Conversation Home with You



In the TRUTH ABOUT YOU Series we will be talking about finding our identity in Christ.

Middle schoolers will have a chance to think about their motives and what is shaping their identity. Our Sermon titles are: Adopted into the Family of God – I am not Defined by my Thoughts – Where do I End and you Begin? Boundaries – How can I be the Same Person Everywhere?  We will also have a Sex and Puberty Talk where we will talk about God’s plan for Sex and Puberty and give some information and how to set boundaries May 30th. There will be a waiver to sign for your child to attend! The information shared in this session is linked below.



Here is a link to sexual-integrity-timeline.


Questions to engage your Family around the dinner table, before bed, or in the car.

What does it mean to be Adopted into God’s Family? 

How do your thoughts shape your identity? How do you protect your thoughts? 

What are some boundaries you have in your relationships? Are they Healthy? Why? 

What questions do you have about sex or puberty? 

Do you ever feel like you act differently in different places? What stops you from acting the same way everywhere?