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Treefort Adult Leader Application Form

This application form is for Adult volunteers 18+ years old.

We are excited that you have shown interest in volunteering to serve the children at CLCC's Treefort!  The personal, specific content of this application form provides the precautions necessary to assure parents and children of the safest environment possible here at the Treefort.  Rest assured that we will respect your privacy and the confidentiality of your information.

If you have any questions about this form, be sure to contact one of our Children's Ministry Pastors:

Monica Columbus

Children's Ministry Lead Pastor

Sarah Dueck

Early Childhood Pastor
Plan to Protect Director

Heather Friesen

TQ Assistant Director

Ashley Lucas

TQ Director

Teresa Seo

Treefort Big Group Pastor

Jessica Sikora

Treefort Worship Arts

Contact & Personal Information

Today's Date
First Name
Last Name
Unit #
Home Address
Postal Code
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Are you willing to participate in our free one-hour Plan to Protect Seminar?
Please select which option best fits you:

Tell us about your family...

What is your marital status?pick one!
Other (please specify):
How many kids do you have (if applicable)?pick one!
What ages are your children (if applicable)?
Briefly describe your family background and current family situation:
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Tell us about yourself...

Briefly describe your experience with children:
0 /
What are some of your skills / gifts / hobbies / interests that could benefit CLCC:
0 /
Are there any family concerns or medical circumstances (i.e. physical, psychiatric) that could impact your commitment or affect your ability to serve in any area of children's ministry?
0 /
Is there anything in your past that you think we need to know about that could affect your ministry with children?
0 /

Tell us about your spiritual life.

Have you been baptized in water by immersion?
How long have you been attending CLCC?pick one!
Are you a Partner at CLCC?
Is there a reason you aren't a Partner? Are you interested in becoming one?
0 /
Do you have a spiritual accountability partner?
Are you open to greater spiritual accountability?
0 /

Tell us about your spiritual history...

Briefly describe how you became a Christian:
0 /
How would you describe the current health of your spiritual life?
0 /
Describe your devotional and prayer life:
0 /
Name the person or people who have had the greatest influence on your life and briefly describe why and how:
0 /
During my personal time with God in the last three days, God has been teaching me...
0 /

Tell us about your lifestyle...

In caring for children, we believe that it is our responsibility to seek a leader that is able to provide healthy, safe, and nuturing relationships.  Please answer the following questions honestly.

Do you smoke cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc?
Are you using illegal drugs?
Have you ever gone through treatment for alcohol or drug abuse?
Please describe your history of alcohol and/or drug abuse:
0 /
Have you ever been ticketed for speeding, reckless driving, and/or driving under the influence?
Please describe any incidents when you have been ticketed for dangerous driving:
0 /
Have you ever been arrested, detained, or questioned by police for any illegal actions of any type?
Please describe (be specific) any incidents when you have been arrested, detained, or questioned by police for illegal actions:
0 /
Have you ever had sexual relations with a minor after you became an adult?
Can it be assumed that you DO NOT have a criminal record?
If we asked those who know you best, what would they say about your emotional stability and consistency?
0 /
How do you handle confrontation?
0 /

Tell us about your volunteer history...

Please list the date and activities of other ministry experiences that you have been involved in here at Christian Life Community Church. What were your reasons for ending that ministry?
0 /
Why are you interested in working with CLCC's Treefort Children's Ministry?
0 /
Serving in Children's Ministry takes time and commitment. We want leaders who will make children a priority. What does commitment mean to you?
0 /
What are some of your expectations of CLCC's Children's Pastors and Staff?
0 /
How well do you know your Bible?
Bible? What's that?I know where my Bible is.I know the books of the Bible.I read it rarely.I read it weekly.I read it almost daily.I feel comfortable teaching others from it.
How have you gained the amount of Bible knowledge you currently possess?
0 /

Is there anything else?

Is there anything else you feel that we need to know about you?
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Treefort Volunteer Areas

Here's a list of all the areas that you can become involved with in our Children's Ministry.  Please select the areas that interest you.

Treefort Sunday Classes (0-12yrs)

Treefort Sunday Classes (0-12yrs)

There are so many kids at CLCC and likewise, so many options for how you can be involved on a Sunday at the Treefort!  Teach or assist in a classroom, hold babies, make sure our kids stay safe, greet kids as they come into the lobby or even carry on an in-depth discussion with pre-teens!  Seasonally we also need volunteers to assist with our Christmas Musical.

Please select an age category for Pre-K Ministry:
Please select a grade for Treefort Small Groups:
Treasure Quest (TQ)

Treasure Quest (TQ)

Every other week is an opportunity to mentor community kids (Gr. 2-5) and have fun teaching them exciting new skills like Archery or Baking!  All while mentoring them to "Quest after Character" and build confidence in who God created them to be.

Children's Summer Camps

Children's Summer Camps

Every year CLCC puts on two exciting Summer Camps for Pre-K and Elementary kids: a Bible-based VBS camp and a Sports / Activity based camp and we need all the volunteers we can get!

Children's Special Events

Children's Special Events

Whether it's helping to provide childcare, filling water balloons, prepping craft supplies or interacting with people from the community over a bowl of chili - all our special events rely on volunteers.

Time to Commit!

After spending time in prayer and discussing with my family and friends the commitment involved with being a Treefort Leader, I choose to commit to the following:

  • I acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ in my life and have a personal relationship with Him.
  • I am committed toward growing and maturing my relationship with God through personal devotions, active and regular attendance at CLCC, and involvement in accountability.
  • I am committed to choices and a lifestyle that are both Godly and "above reproach" knowing that my lifestyle is a model for the children and families that I work with.
  • I am making a commitment to Treefort Children's Ministries for the entire school year (September 1 - July 1).  If for some reason life circumstances arise and I am unable to fulfill my commitment, I will make an appointment to meet with the Children's Pastor who oversees my area of ministry.
  • I will attend the Children's Ministry Volunteer Orientation (September) and the Dream Team Party (May).
  • I will make a good effort to attend Treefort Children's Ministry Special Events.
  • I will make an attempt to recruit at least one other volunteer for our growing need in Treefort Children's Ministries.
  • I understand, agree to, and will work hard to fulfill the purposes and vision of the Treefort Children's Ministries.
  • I am committed to releasing back to God my tithe as an act of trust and obedience to God.
  • Because I am making a significant commitment and my presence is important, I agree to be prepared and on time for the ministry that I am a part of.  I agree to communicate with the Children's Pastor who oversees my area of ministry if I will be absent from my responsibilities.
  • I am committed to praying for the children and families of CLCC as well as the CLCC staff.  I will attend Sunday morning pre-service prayer on the Sundays that I am involved in ministry.  If I am involved in mid-week or special events, I will attend the volunteer prayer meeting prior to the event.
  • I understand that my commitment is to God.  I will be accountable to God and the leadership of the Treefort Children's Ministries, understanding that my lack of commitment on my part directly influences the children in our church and the name of Jesus.
  • I agree to comply with all Plan to Protect policies regarding children's physical, spiritual and mental well being.

I agree and commit to all of the above statements:

If there is a statement to which you do not agree or cannot commit to, please contact one of our Children's Ministry Pastors as soon as possible.


You must provide two references (i.e. a friend, co-worker, fellow volunteer, supervisor, previous church Pastor, a current CLCC Pastor, etc.) who can testify to your commitment to Christ and the accuracy of the life testimony you have provided in this application form.

Reference 1

Reference #1 (Full Name)
Reference #1 Phone

Reference 2

Reference #2 (Full Name)
Reference #2 Phone

Information Disclosure

I confirm that:

The information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge.  I give authorization to Christian Life Community Church or its representatives to release any and all records or information relating to work with minors.  CLCC may contact my references and appropriate government agencies as deemed necessary in order to verify my suitability as a Children's Ministry Volunteer.  I also understand that the personal informatioin will be held confidential by Christian Life Community Church and its staff.

Please confirm the above statement: